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The Institute of Race Relations is at the cutting edge of the research and analysis that inform the struggle for racial justice in Britain, Europe and internationally.


May 9 2016

IRR: Internet & phone problems

We are currently experiencing difficulties with the internet and phone lines at the IRR.

Oct 22 2015

Prevent duty ‘heavy-handed and discriminatory’

In the week that the government announced new counter-extremism measures, the IRR publishes contributions from its seminar on 'Securitisation, Schools and Preventing Extremism', held at Garden Court Chambers on 7 October, where participants considered the consequences of a new statutory duty on public bodies to prevent non-violent extremism and whether it breached the Equality Act.



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Briefing Paper no. 10


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Entitlement and belonging


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Catching History on the Wing

News Service

Calendar of racism and resistance (6 – 26 May 2016)

A fortnightly resource for anti-racist and social justice campaigns, highlighting key events in the UK and Europe.

May 26, 2016

The IRR’s second big book giveaway 

The Institute of Race Relations, based in London’s Kings Cross, is giving away surplus duplicated material and invites people to take the chance of adding to their collections. 

May 26, 2016

A call to action: supporting young people with precarious citizenship

An important conference on securing justice for young people with precarious citizenship is taking place in London on 1 June, organised by the Migrant and Refugee Children's Legal Unit at Islington Law Centre in conjunction with Birkbeck College.

May 26, 2016

Denmark: creating a hostile environment

Nearly 300 people face criminal charges for aiding refugees in Denmark in September 2015, and the government continues to create a hostile environment by cracking down on migration.

May 26, 2016

Solidarity criminalised: an interview with Reem El-Awwad

Below we interview a member of the Danish group MedMenneskeSmuglerne ('With the Human Traffickers'), about the criminal charges of ‘human trafficking’ those who acted in solidarity with refugees now face.

May 26, 2016

Upcoming Events

DIY Cultures 2016: Zines, Comics, Alternative Day Festival

A day festival of zines, activism, talks, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, contemporary craft, comics, archives, alternatives and underground subcultures.

May 29, 2016

Precarious Citizenship

A conference on young people who are undocumented, separated and settled in the UK.

June 1, 2016