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About CARF

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Campaign Against Racism and Fascism



Hearts and minds in the domestic 'war on terror'... While anti-terrorist legislation has been widely debated, less attention has been given to the government’s attempts to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of Muslim citizens. Jon Burnett examines the promotion of ‘moderate’ versions of Islam and the imposition of core values.
18 October 2005

Asylum assault claims may be tip of the iceberg
The cases of 35 asylum seekers who allege they have been assaulted by security guards charged with their care are being examined by leading solicitors, according to The Big Issue magazine.
11 April 2005

The South Asian Crime Unit: policing by ethnicity?
Jon Burnett asks what lies behind the recent creation by the Metropolitan Police of a South Asian Crime Unit.
7 July 2004

Fortress America
As America plunges into a period of imperialist expansion, immigrant communities - particularly of Middle-Eastern and South Asian descent - have been caught in the teeth of a new domestic totalitarianism.
4 August 2003

The hate industry
Arun Kundnani on how Britain's tabloid media has become obsessed with 'scrounging' asylum seekers, out of control immigration, foreign 'plagues' and Muslim terrorists.
6 March 2003

An unholy alliance? Racism, religion and communalism
For too long there has been a reluctance to discuss the issue of communalism in British Asian communities, says Arun Kundnani.
30 July 2002

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