Press conference on institutionalised racism and covert policing

March 23, 2014

The Institute of Race Relations will host a press conference with German lawyers in the trial of the neo-Nazi cell the National Socialist Underground (NSU).

  • Monday 24 March 2014, 9am
  • IRR, 2-6 Leeke Street, London WC1X 9HS

Speakers include:

  • Liz Fekete – Director of Institute of Race Relations
  • Suresh Grover – head of the London Race & Advocacy Project at The Monitoring Group
  • Carsten Ilius – lawyer for the widow of Mehmet Kubaşık, eighth victim of the NSU
  • Dr. Mehmet Daimagüler – lawyer for the family of Abdurrahim  Özüdogru, second victim of NSU and Ismail Yaşar, the NSU’s sixth victim)

For further information, please call 07879 687390, or email