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December 5, 2013 — Press release

Written by IRR News Team

Looking for a Christmas gift? This month, the IRR offers Catching History on the Wing for a discounted price, plus a free issue of Race & Class relating to the work of A. Sivanandan, in celebration of his ninetieth birthday. 

The IRR is offering for £10 (plus P&P) Catching History on the Wing, a collection of A. Sivanandan’s writings over the last forty years, as well as one of two back issues of Race & Class for free, featuring key interventions by him and essays in his honour. A. Sivanandan, founding editor of Race & Class and now IRR’s Director Emeritus, is one of the foremost thinkers on racism, globalisation and black history in the UK.

Choose one of:

  • A world to win, a festschrift in honour of A. Sivanandan, includes essays by Aijaz Ahmad, Neil Lazarus, Jan Carew, Bill Rolston, Nancy Murray, Colin Prescod, Liz Fekete and Melissa Benn.
  • The market state vs the good society, a seminal article published in the January 2013 issue, examines neoliberalism and shows how the market state no longer serves the nation, but transnational capital. This issue of Race & Class also contains articles on asylum policy in Australia (Michael Grewcock), policing in Northern Ireland (Daniel Holder) and the treatment of terror suspects in the UK (Victoria Brittain).


Buy Catching History on the Wing with A World to Win for £10 (plus postage and packaging) here

Buy Catching History on the Wing with The market state vs the good society for £10 (plus postage and packaging) here

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