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October 17, 2013 — Press release

Written by IRR News Team

The latest edition of Race & Class includes Professor Phil Scraton’s account about the fight for truth around the Hillsborough Disaster of 1989.

Last year, the Hillsborough Independent Panel released its findings into the Hillsborough tragedy that cost ninety-six people their lives, in which it catalogued an institutional cover-up that denied the voice of the families of the deceased and systematically hid the truth.

In the October issue of Race & Class, Phil Scraton, author of the panel’s report, reflects on over two decades of campaigning to provide an alternative ‘view from below’ of what happened in the aftermath of the disaster. His exemplary work has earned Queen’s University Belfast a nomination for the Times Higher Education Research Project of the Year Award.

Phil Scraton will be launching the October issue of Race & Class with a lecture on the legacy of Hillsborough. Attendance is free but registration is necessary. To attend, email

One hundred years after the pit disaster in the small Welsh coalmining town of Senghenydd, Jeremy Seabrook looks at its legacy and reveals its echoes with the 2013 collapse of a clothing factory in Savar, just outside Dhaka. He argues that the West’s response to the huge loss of life in Savar masks a deeper assumption – that it is the price one must pay for prosperity and progress.

The October issue also includes:

  • The role of the press in the war on asylum by Greg Philo, Emma Briant and Pauline Donald
  • Neoliberal settler colonialism, Canada and tar sands by Jen Preston
  • ‘Less than human’: the detention of irregular immigrants in Malta by Daniela DeBono
  • Islamophobia: Burma’s racist fault-line by Penny Green
  • UK: the way to pariah status in Europe by Frances Webber

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