Narratives that marginalise: from Ferguson to Palestine

April 18, 2017 — Press release

Written by IRR News Team

The April 2017 Race & Class tackles two key current themes: the impact of Fox News  in (mis)representing news and creating racist discourses, and the  way in which Canadian  ‘neoliberal multiculturalism’ is marginalising  Arabs, Muslims and those in solidarity with Palestine.

racb_58_4-coverColleen Mills, researcher into racism and hate crime at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NY, presents a discourse analysis of Fox News Channel’s coverage of the police shooting in August 2014 of unarmed Michael Brown, sparking months of black protests in Ferguson, Missouri and other US cities. It exposes how the  news anchors’ and guests’ output constructed frameworks which blamed black victims in the characterisation of Michael Brown and his shooting death, blamed black leaders, blamed the black community and attacked the black protesters and their movement against police brutality.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Soas, Rafeef Ziadah, examines state funding cuts to Canada’s most prominent and active Arab community organisations, in the context of debates about a ‘crisis of multiculturalism’ imbued with anti-Arab/anti-Muslim racism and the silencing of Palestine advocacy efforts. She shows how the shift to a neoliberal multiculturalism, emptied of anti-racist politics, along with the construction of national identities around western ‘core values’ has advanced a marginalising politics that demarcates a ‘civilisational’ border which excludes Arabs, Muslims, and, by extension, Palestine solidarity.

The April issue of Race & Class includes:

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