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Nov 19 2015

Migrant journeys: respecting the dead

An interview with Catriona Jarvis, former judge of the United Kingdom Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber), and now a writer/ activist on human rights initiatives. 


Mar 14 2013

Miliband, migration and the market

IRR News continues its discussion with A. Sivanandan about Miliband’s policies.


Dec 19 2012

Miliband’s progress?

A. Sivanandan, known for his trenchant critiques of government ‘race’ policies, has broadly welcomed what Ed Miliband had to say last week. IRR News asks him why.


Feb 1 2012

Joint enterprise, racism and BME communities

An interview with Gloria Morrison, Campaign Coordinator of JENGbA (Joint Enterprise - Not Guilty by Association) which is a prisoners' support group made up of the friends and families of people convicted under the doctrine of joint enterprise.


Jul 21 2011

Swiss campaign against double punishment

An interview with Heiner Busch, a migrants' rights activist, who works in the secretariat of Solidarité sans Frontières (SoSF) in Berne and is engaged in the 'Double no' (2xNo) campaign.


Dec 9 2010

Glasgow eviction battle continues

The UK Border Agency's (UKBA) shocking conduct over its proposed evictions in Glasgow needs urgent investigation, says Glasgow housing charity Positive Action in Housing (PAIH).


Dec 1 2010

Swiss architects challenge Islamophobia

The IRR News Service met up with three members of Foreign Architects Switzerland (FAS) who are challenging the Swiss ban on minarets.[1]


Jul 1 2010

Fighting ghosts: an interview with Husein Al-Samamara

Below we publish an interview with Husein Al-Samamara, currently subjected to draconian immigration bail conditions in the UK as he fights against his deportation to Jordan, where he was imprisoned and tortured.


May 6 2010

Creating a support network for young refugees

An interview with Mohammed Jouni, a 24-year-old refugee from Lebanon who lives in Germany and is active in the Berlin branch of Youth without Borders (JoG, Jugendliche ohne Grenzen).


Mar 15 2010

Fighting anti-Muslim racism: an interview with A. Sivanandan

IRR News spoke to one of the foremost analysts of racism and Black struggle as to how to meet the contemporary challenge of anti-Muslim racism.


Oct 29 2009

Building migrant civil engagement in east Germany

An interview with Dr Esra Erdem, coordinator of the Empowerment and Participation of Immigrants* in east Germany project (EmPa) based at the Brandenburg Regional Centres for Education, Integration and Democracy.


Oct 22 2009

Young Dutch Muslims find a venue

An interview with Umar Mirza, the 22-year-old chief editor of the Dutch website 'We're Here to Stay'.[1]