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May 19 2009

Austria: ‘provoking and connecting’ the Kanafani way

Below we reproduce a discussion with members of the Austrian Kanafani Inter-Cultural Initiative.


Mar 5 2009

No glory days for immigrant elders in France

An interview with Boualem Azahoum, an activist with DiverCités and El Ghorba in Lyon.


Mar 5 2009

Speaking for the youth of the banlieues

An interview with Abdul Zahiri, an activist with ACJ REV in Avignon.


Mar 5 2009

A Muslim feminist in France speaks out

An interview with Zahra Ali, president of Al Houda, a Muslim women's organisation.


Dec 11 2008

Speaking up for young people

An interview with 13-year-old Asiya Hassan, a member of the Bristol City Academy steering committee that organised a forum on the detention of asylum-seeking children.


Jul 10 2008

Convictions in three Black murder cases

IRR News reports on three recent trials of young White men convicted for their part in the deaths of three Black men.


Feb 21 2007

In defence of multiculturalism

A briefing paper explaining and defending multiculturalism has been published today by the Institute of Race Relations.


May 22 2006

Britain’s shame: from multiculturalism to nativism

As every step that Blair takes to 'cohere' the nation is at the expense of ethnic minorities, and Muslims in particular, IRR News talked to A. Sivanandan about how he saw the integration debate.


Feb 1 2006

Return to Kirkuk

In this interview, Karzan Sherabayani, a Kurdish actor and filmmaker, says why he returned to the Kurdish region of Iraq to make his latest film and what he and other Iraqi Kurds think about the recent forced deportations to Iraq.


Dec 7 2004

Fighting racism in football – the way forward

It is time that Black football players take the initiative against racism in the game, says Lord Herman Ouseley, Chairman of Kick It Out, in an interview with IRR News.


Dec 1 2001

The challenge of September 11

The events of September 11 and their aftermath, in terms of government policy, have thrown up a series of contradictions for anti-racists about freedom of expression, human rights, religion and Islam, in particular.


Jun 1 1996

The fight against racist science

An interview with Steven Rose


Dec 1 1995

Black America today

CARF spoke to Barbara Ransby, leading Black feminist and co-founder of African American women in Defense of Ourselves, about recent events in the US.