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Oct 22 2015

Prevent duty ‘heavy-handed and discriminatory’

In the week that the government announced new counter-extremism measures, the IRR publishes contributions from its seminar on 'Securitisation, Schools and Preventing Extremism', held at Garden Court Chambers on 7 October, where participants considered the consequences of a new statutory duty on public bodies to prevent non-violent extremism and whether it breached the Equality Act.

Press release

Apr 10 2014

The weight of words

The latest issue of Race & Class assesses popular debate around issues involving the far Right in Europe.

Press release

Mar 20 2014

Taking a stand for human dignity

This week, IRR News teams up with the Border Crossing Observatory at Monash University, Melbourne, and with the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI) at Kings College, London, to bring new insights and an international perspective to bear on the Global North's callous mistreatment of asylum seekers and refugees.