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Mar 19 2012

Race & Class re-appraises Malcolm X at the Oxford Union

The new issue of Race & Class features an article on 'Malcolm X at the Oxford Union' in 1964. Saladin M. Ambar, who examines Malcolm's speech and the context in which it was given, reveals a key change in Malcolm's thinking on nationalism in response to the call for decolonisation in Africa and the extension of human rights to other marginalised groups throughout the world.

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Nov 15 2011

New geographies of racism: Stoke-on-Trent

Research published by the Institute of Race Relations shows that the geography of racial violence is changing rapidly in the UK and yet the authorities show little interest in tackling the problem.

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Sep 1 2011

Breivik, the conspiracy theory and the Oslo massacre

A thorough analysis and full documentation of the context and background to the Oslo massacre is published today by the Institute of Race Relations.

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Jun 30 2011

The new geographies of racism: Plymouth

Research published today by the Institute of Race Relations investigates how geographies of racism throughout the UK are changing in a wider climate of economic austerity, shifting patterns of migration and settlement and against the backdrop of new forms of racism exacerbated by national policies.

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Apr 21 2011

The attacks on multiculturalism are linked to the economic crisis

The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) publishes today Understanding the European-wide assault on multiculturalism - a detailed analysis by Executive Director, Liz Fekete, of key speeches made over the past six months by leading centre-right politicians from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom.

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Oct 17 2010

Driven to Desperate Measures

The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) publishes today a report on deaths of asylum seekers and migrants which damns government policies for putting vulnerable people at risk.

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Sep 16 2010

Racist attacks summer report

IRR News reveals how alcohol-related racist attacks and far-Right graffiti have increased over the summer months.

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Apr 22 2010

Racial violence – the buried issue

Research from the Institute of Race Relations reveals that, on average, five people per year are being killed in racial attacks in the UK since the death of Stephen Lawrence.

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Jan 27 2010

The reality behind the ‘knife crime’ debate

The media portrayal of, and government response to, the 'knife crime epidemic' creates a distorted image of the reality on the ground, according to new research undertaken by the Institute of Race Relations.

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Apr 30 2009

Free anti-racist training workshops for community groups

The IRR is running a series of training workshops for community groups.

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Jul 3 2008

Campaigners for an academic boycott of Israel analyse Europe’s complicity

In the latest issue of the IRR's journal Race & Class, Hilary Rose and Steven Rose ask why and how a small Middle Eastern country has successfully positioned itself as 'European', even though it is in breach of Europe's humanitarian conventions and condemned by many UN resolutions.