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Press release

Jul 26 2004

Failing the vulnerable: the death of ten asylum seekers and other foreign nationals in UK detention

The self-inflicted death of a Ukrainian asylum seeker at Harmondsworth removal centre on 19 July would have gone unnoticed if it had not been for the subsequent eruption of large-scale violence forcing the closure of the centre and the dispersal of detainees to other detention centres and prisons.

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Jul 29 2003

The other asylum statistics

Governments count the numbers coming in. But who counts the numbers that do not make it?

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Aug 14 2002

No appeasement for the extreme-Right

Stunning successes for European extreme-Right and anti-immigrant parties, particularly in France and the Netherlands, have shocked mainstream political parties and led to a vigorous debate about what should be done.

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Jul 5 2002

IRR expresses concern over excessive sentencing of Bradford rioters

The sentencing policy of the Bradford riot trials is meant to discipline an entire community, rather than reflect the severity of each individual's actions.

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Aug 16 2000

The dispersal of xenophobia – a new report from the IRR

According to research by the Institute of Race Relations' European Race Audit the policy of dispersing asylum seekers, now being introduced into the UK and Ireland, but already practised in other European countries for some years, effectively means the dispersal of xenophobia.