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Aug 21 2014

Enforced poverty amongst asylum seekers and refugees

Nicky Road reviews a publication on refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.


Jul 24 2014

Taking on the fraudulent anti-globalisation rhetoric of the Front National

A timely pamphlet aimed primarily at French trades unionists provides an opportunity to reflect on the FN's growing appeal to working-class voters.


Jul 3 2014

We are not extremists. We are Sweden

An incisive new campaigning video attacks the equation of anti-racism with extremism.


May 1 2014

The plight of unaccompanied asylum seeking children

Nicky Road examines three recent reports documenting the treatment of young asylum seekers in the UK.


Apr 24 2014

Establishing a framework for understanding the rise of fascism

A review of a report on the extent of Golden Dawn's penetration of the Greek state.


Nov 21 2013

Systematic Greek border abuses exposed

‘Pushed back’, the new report by migrant and refugee rights group ProAsyl, exposes the systematic abuses and human rights violations of the Greek border control regime.


Nov 4 2013

No going back for the Roma

A review of the Migrant Roma in the UK research report.


Oct 31 2013

Keeping watch on Robeson

A gripping book on Paul Robeson not only shows up the greatness of the man but underscores the dangers of state surveillance – a lesson to heed today.