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Nov 21 2013

Systematic Greek border abuses exposed

‘Pushed back’, the new report by migrant and refugee rights group ProAsyl, exposes the systematic abuses and human rights violations of the Greek border control regime.


Nov 4 2013

No going back for the Roma

A review of the Migrant Roma in the UK research report.


Oct 31 2013

Keeping watch on Robeson

A gripping book on Paul Robeson not only shows up the greatness of the man but underscores the dangers of state surveillance – a lesson to heed today.


Jun 27 2013

Pregnant asylum seekers mistreated in detention

Medical Justice’s most recent report argues that the government must stop holding pregnant women in immigration detention.


Feb 14 2013

Liverpool’s Irish community under attack

A new report by an Irish community group based in Liverpool is a call for help against growing far-right and Loyalist attacks.


Jan 23 2013

The rise of Britain’s far right

A new history of the far Right shines a light on the culpability of centre-ground politics for fascist gains.


Dec 21 2012

Revealing the impact of immigration detention

Two recent reports add fuel to growing demands to rethink indefinite immigration detention.


Aug 9 2012

Terror law review highlights collateral damage

In June, the second review of terrorism acts was published by David Anderson, QC, the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation. Given the limits of his remit, he has provided a circumscribed critique. Nonetheless, the report points towards possible reform of the now well-entrenched terrorism laws.