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Aug 27 2015

When solidarity fails

In observations made at a side-meeting of the 87th session of the Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD),[1] the IRR's director warned that Europe's mishandling of the refugee crisis is fuelling racism.


Jul 30 2015

Asylum seeker death toll rising

In the last two months, at least thirteen people, two of whom were teenagers, have died trying to reach the UK, and countless others have been injured.


May 7 2015

Why we should listen when the UN condemns the UK’s ‘extremist media’

Below we reproduce an article by author Matt Carr from his blog, Infernal Machine, on the current situation in the Mediterranean.


Apr 9 2015

Putting the ethics back into freedom of expression

The social landscape in which we practise our freedoms is highly volatile. Can we afford to be reckless?


Feb 12 2015

Counter-terrorism policy and re-analysing extremism

Below is an edited transcript of a talk given by Arun Kundnani, author of ‘The Muslims are coming: Islamophobia, extremism and the domestic war on terror’, in January 2015, shortly after the Paris killings.


Jan 12 2015

Where monoculturalism leads

As France grieves for those whose lives have been so brutally taken, and more emergency and counter-radicalisation measures are discussed, the future for a peaceful Europe rests on how our leaders diagnose the problems that we collectively face.


Nov 13 2014

Roma – fascism’s first victims, again

Anti-Roma violence draws strength from fascist ideas that linger on in mainstream European thought.


Jul 24 2014

Taking on the fraudulent anti-globalisation rhetoric of the Front National

A timely pamphlet aimed primarily at French trades unionists provides an opportunity to reflect on the FN's growing appeal to working-class voters.


May 29 2014

When the state is complicit in hate

Racist violence in Europe is sustained by cultures of impunity, as reports by Amnesty International, and Médecins du Monde and the Greek Council for Refugees make clear.


Jul 23 2013

France: police blamed for Trappes unrest

Campaigners say police harassment sparked the 'riots' at Trappes.