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Nov 13 2014

Roma – fascism’s first victims, again

Anti-Roma violence draws strength from fascist ideas that linger on in mainstream European thought.


Jul 24 2014

Taking on the fraudulent anti-globalisation rhetoric of the Front National

A timely pamphlet aimed primarily at French trades unionists provides an opportunity to reflect on the FN's growing appeal to working-class voters.


May 29 2014

When the state is complicit in hate

Racist violence in Europe is sustained by cultures of impunity, as reports by Amnesty International, and Médecins du Monde and the Greek Council for Refugees make clear.


Jul 23 2013

France: police blamed for Trappes unrest

Campaigners say police harassment sparked the 'riots' at Trappes.

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Jul 11 2013

From pillar to post: pan-European racism and the Roma

This week, we publish a briefing paper which documents a growing tide of hostility against Europe's Romani communities.


Dec 6 2012

Which way forward on racial profiling?

A review of the major development in initiatives against racial profiling in European policing.


Jun 14 2012

Justice for Nouredine Rachedi

The victim of a vicious Islamophobic attack awaits the verdict of a Versailles appeal court after his alleged attackers, one a known violent racist, were acquitted.


Jun 8 2012

Sarkozy’s racist legacy

Graham Murray reports on the ‘normalisation’ of extreme Right politics in France.


Apr 28 2010

Background to the French commission on the burqa and niqab

As Belgium and France move to ban the burqa, the IRR European Race Audit (ERA) publishes today a briefing paper on 'The background to the French parliamentary commission on the burqa and niqab'.


Feb 11 2010

How the extreme Right hijacks direct democracy

The IRR European Race Audit (ERA) publishes today two briefing papers on the Swiss referendum against minarets and the ways in which direct democracy can be hijacked by the extreme Right.


Mar 5 2009

No glory days for immigrant elders in France

An interview with Boualem Azahoum, an activist with DiverCités and El Ghorba in Lyon.


Mar 5 2009

Speaking for the youth of the banlieues

An interview with Abdul Zahiri, an activist with ACJ REV in Avignon.


Mar 5 2009

A Muslim feminist in France speaks out

An interview with Zahra Ali, president of Al Houda, a Muslim women's organisation.


Oct 9 2008

Organising in the banlieues

An interview with Pierre Didier, president of the Social Forum of the Banlieues.


Jun 5 2008

A tribute to Abdelhakim Ajimi

A death in police custody in south-east France is causing community concern.


Jul 12 2006

Racism and Islamophobia in France: the far Right and the grassroots

In debates surrounding the complex social, political and economic situation that France is facing, the far Right has continued to exercise its political voice. Yet young people from the banlieues (suburbs), many of whom are affected by racism and discrimination as part of their everyday lives, suffer from a dearth of political representation and are depicted as anomic, apolitical 'casseurs' - thugs intent on destroying the very fabric of French society rather than developing their own political voice.