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Nov 19 2015

Migrant journeys: respecting the dead

An interview with Catriona Jarvis, former judge of the United Kingdom Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber), and now a writer/ activist on human rights initiatives. 


Aug 27 2015

When solidarity fails

In observations made at a side-meeting of the 87th session of the Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD),[1] the IRR's director warned that Europe's mishandling of the refugee crisis is fuelling racism.


Sep 4 2014

Calendar of racism & resistance (27 August – 4 September 2014)

A calendar of stories from the last week.


Jul 31 2014

A global witch hunt! Media narratives, racial profiling and the Roma

A recently-published report by Ireland’s Ombudsman for Children puts the media’s power to influence state action under the spotlight.


May 29 2014

When the state is complicit in hate

Racist violence in Europe is sustained by cultures of impunity, as reports by Amnesty International, and Médecins du Monde and the Greek Council for Refugees make clear.


Apr 24 2014

Establishing a framework for understanding the rise of fascism

A review of a report on the extent of Golden Dawn's penetration of the Greek state.


Mar 20 2014

Death at Europe’s frontiers: foreseeable result of state policy?

European states are morally responsible for deaths at the EU's borders, argues the International State Crime Initiative.


Nov 21 2013

Systematic Greek border abuses exposed

‘Pushed back’, the new report by migrant and refugee rights group ProAsyl, exposes the systematic abuses and human rights violations of the Greek border control regime.

Press release

Jul 11 2013

From pillar to post: pan-European racism and the Roma

This week, we publish a briefing paper which documents a growing tide of hostility against Europe's Romani communities.


Dec 6 2012

Which way forward on racial profiling?

A review of the major development in initiatives against racial profiling in European policing.


May 19 2011

Three days of anti-immigrant violence shakes Athens

Following three days of anti-immigrant violence in Athens, questions are being asked about possible far-right involvement in the murder of Bangladeshi migrant worker Alim Abdul Manan.

Mar 2 2005

Greeks demand the end of arbitrary detention and the release of child asylum detainees

Campaigners are targeting the Amygdaleza Centre, a former shelter for female victims of trafficking, which has now been transformed into a brutal removal centre for women facing deportation.


Jan 20 2005

‘How can I leave? I have no legs’ – a Greek campaign for mine survivors

At least sixty overland would-be migrants to Europe have lost their lives to the landmines on Greece's borders. A campaigner against the mines writes of one small victory in the long struggle for the rights of maimed mine survivors.


Apr 22 2004

Athens Olympics under the shadow of anti-Muslim racism

The Olympics in Athens this August will be the first summer games since September 11. Amid the fears about a possible terror attack, it is the Muslim community of Athens - many of whose members are actually involved in building the Olympic Village - which is bearing the brunt of a new form of racism.