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Jul 11 2013

From pillar to post: pan-European racism and the Roma

This week, we publish a briefing paper which documents a growing tide of hostility against Europe's Romani communities.


Feb 11 2010

How the extreme Right hijacks direct democracy

The IRR European Race Audit (ERA) publishes today two briefing papers on the Swiss referendum against minarets and the ways in which direct democracy can be hijacked by the extreme Right.


Aug 10 2005

Sahara: last journey of the damned

The EU is advocating the creation of refugee regional processing centres in North African countries. Foremost amongst countries being recruited to enforce European border controls is Libya. A report that first appeared in the Italian newspaper L'Espresso on 24 March 2005 looks at how Libya treats refugees and documents the grim fate awaiting those returned to Libya from Italy under a recent migration accord.