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Oct 31 2014

Calendar of racism and resistance (17-30 October 2014)

A fortnightly resource for anti-racist and social justice campaigns, highlighting key events in the UK and Europe.


Oct 16 2014

The nature of a society is exposed at its margins

This graphic account of the plight of the undocumented in Amsterdam first appeared on the web site Dreaming in Exile.


Nov 28 2013

‘Zwarte Piet’ and Dutch racism

More and more voices are speaking out against the annual spectacle of blackface ‘St Nicholas helpers’.


Aug 22 2013

Dealing with the legacies of Dutch slavery

How, asks a Dutch anti-racist, is slavery dealt with in the Netherlands?


Dec 19 2012

From despair comes resistance

Asylum-seekers and migrants across Europe are determined to change the inhuman circumstances of their existence.


Jun 25 2009

Migrant coalition-building in Amsterdam

If you want change, argues the Transnational Migrant Platform (TMP) in Amsterdam, you need to build a broad coalition capable of working simultaneously both on the domestic and the international front.


Feb 9 2006

Two very Dutch Fires

Helen Hintjens uses the way the Dutch authorities responded to a school fire in the Hague and one in a detention centre at Schipol airport to comment on the treatment meted out to asylum seekers in the Netherlands.


Dec 2 2003

Netherlands: anti-immigration and the road to intolerance

Dutch Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner has this week advocated the idea of a two-tier justice system in which foreigners who commit crime would be sentenced differently from Dutch nationals. How has a country which once had a reputation for tolerance descended to such illiberalism?