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Aug 22 2013

Dealing with the legacies of Dutch slavery

How, asks a Dutch anti-racist, is slavery dealt with in the Netherlands?


Dec 19 2012

From despair comes resistance

Asylum-seekers and migrants across Europe are determined to change the inhuman circumstances of their existence.


Jun 25 2009

Migrant coalition-building in Amsterdam

If you want change, argues the Transnational Migrant Platform (TMP) in Amsterdam, you need to build a broad coalition capable of working simultaneously both on the domestic and the international front.


Feb 9 2006

Two very Dutch Fires

Helen Hintjens uses the way the Dutch authorities responded to a school fire in the Hague and one in a detention centre at Schipol airport to comment on the treatment meted out to asylum seekers in the Netherlands.


Dec 2 2003

Netherlands: anti-immigration and the road to intolerance

Dutch Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner has this week advocated the idea of a two-tier justice system in which foreigners who commit crime would be sentenced differently from Dutch nationals. How has a country which once had a reputation for tolerance descended to such illiberalism?