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Sep 4 2014

Sweden’s counter-extremism policies fail the accountability test

The Swedish model of countering far-right extremism is deeply flawed and should not be followed by other EU countries.


Jul 3 2014

We are not extremists. We are Sweden

An incisive new campaigning video attacks the equation of anti-racism with extremism.


Mar 27 2014

How the Swedish media bought into the myth-making of the far Right

The leader of the far-Right Sweden Democrats wants to portray himself as the victim of anti-white racism.


Apr 12 2012

Inhuman responses to distressed children

A report on ‘apathetic children’ in Sweden is important for UK asylum campaigners for the light it sheds on a condition so far unrecognised here.


Nov 1 2010

Malmo and the fault lines of Swedish racism

What are the wider issues behind the shootings in Malmö?