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Dec 1 2010

Swiss architects challenge Islamophobia

The IRR News Service met up with three members of Foreign Architects Switzerland (FAS) who are challenging the Swiss ban on minarets.[1]


Oct 4 2006

After the Swiss referendum

Nearly 70 per cent of those who voted in a referendum in Switzerland on September 24 said yes to reform of immigration and asylum laws. But the committee formed to oppose laws, which, according to UNHCR are amongst the harshest in Europe, has announced that it will build on the support of the 32 per cent of the electorate which opposed the laws to create a more progressive approach to asylum.*

Recent Publications

February 11, 2010

Briefing Paper No. 1

The Swiss referendum on minarets: background and aftermath provides comprehensive documentation of the Swiss referendum on 29 November 2009 which was was backed by a strong majority as it became the first country in Europe to vote to curb the religious practices of Muslims, banning the construction of minarets on mosques.