Briefing Papers - Europe

The only comprehensive digest of Europe’s changing climate of racism, with reports on asylum and immigration policy, the challenge to multiculturalism and the erosion of civil liberties.

August 28, 2003

Reclaim people’s security

From national security to global security: counter-terrorism in Asia and Europe. Published by the Institute of Race Relations along with the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam.

April 1, 2002

Racism: the hidden cost of September 11

A special investigation into how anti-terrorist laws across Europe are giving rise to a new wave of popular racism.

January 1, 1995

Europe on trial

An indictment of the violation of the human rights of refugees and asylum-seekers across Europe.

January 1, 1994

Inside Racist Europe

How Europe uses popular racism, criminalisation and specious ‘democracy’ to keep out refugees.