A different hunger: writings on black resistance (out of print)

A seminal collection of essays on racism and black resistance from the late 1960s to the early 1980s.

They range over Black Power in the US, race and class in South Africa, the role of the black intellectual, racism and resistance and rebellion in Britain, to a vision of imperialism in the ‘silicon age’.

Contents include:

  • Introduction by Stuart Hall
  • From Resistance to Rebellion: Asian and Afro-Caribbean struggles in Britain
  • Black Power: The Politics of Existence
  • Huey Newton and the Black Renascence
  • The Passing of the King
  • Jonathan
  • Angela Davis
  • James Baldwin
  • The Colony of the Colonised
  • Paul Robeson
  • The Liberation of the Black Intellectual
  • Race, Class and the State
  • Grunwick
  • From Immigration Control to ‘Induced Repatriation’
  • Imperialism and Disorganic Development in the Silicon Age
  • Race, Class and Caste in South Africa

By A. Sivanandan. Published by Pluto Press. A5, 171pp., ISBN 0 86104 371 5, 1982, Reprinted 1991.