A world to win: essays in honour of A. Sivanandan

This special double issue of Race & Class focuses on the work of one of today’s seminal thinkers on Marxism, imperialism and racism, who is also a key figure in the black movement, an often trenchant critic of the Left and an award-winning novelist.

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Contributors from the worlds of the academy, journalism, public office, black activists; from education, literature and religion analyse in depth the significance and impact of Sivanandan’s life’s work on their particular fields. The result is a brilliant collection that illuminates history, politics and the contemporary world.

Contents List
The theory of practice
  • Out of the dust of idols AIJAZ AHMAD
  • Poetry and polemic TIMOTHY BRENNAN
  • The prose of insurgency: Sivanandan and Marxist theory NEIL LAZARUS
  • Sivanandan and the technological revolution JERRY HARRIS
  • Soul writing: the existential / personal vein in Sivanandan’s work PAUL GORDON
Understanding imperialism
  • Apprehending reality: Race & Class as an anti-imperialist journal NANCY MURRAY
  • The village and plantation: a metaphor for North-South relations JAN CAREW
  • Are the Irish black? BILL ROLSTON
  • A return of service PAUL GRANT
Fighting racism
  • Teacher and interrupter CHRIS SEARLE
  • The surrogate university LIZ FEKETE
  • From chaplaincy towards prophecy: racism and Christian theology over four decades KENNETH LEECH
  • In the chorus of the partisans MELISSA BENN
  • Race and social policy: Sivanandan’s ‘grounded theory’ LEE BRIDGES
  • To be or not to be Black YASMIN ALIBHAI-BROWN
  • The Black intellectual, liberated COLIN PRESCOD
The novel as emancipation
  • Communalism, socialism and liberation in When Memory Dies NAGESH RAO
  • Unmaking the present, remaking memory: Sri Lankan stories and a politics of coexistence SUVENDRINI PERERA
  • From: Wilfred Wood; Mike Marqusee; Steve Buckley; Herman Ouseley; David Edgar; Anjuli Gupta Basu and Biplab Basu; Inpa, Sussi and Tino; Elizabeth and Cedric Robinson; Basil Davidson; John Pilger; Victoria Brittain
  • Bibliography of writings by A. Sivanandan VALERIE ALLPORT

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A5, 240 pp., ISBN 0 85001 057 8, 1999