Black history: the present in the past

This special number of the journal Race & Class covers literature, theatre, music, black thinkers and recent debates in the academy and the community crucial to the shaping of black history.

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  • IRA ALDRIDGE: original research on the experience of the American actor on the English stage during the 19th century and his struggle for recognition despite racial hostility.
  • C.L.R. JAMES: his ideas of self-emancipation, gleaned from maroon history and applied in anti-colonial organising of the 1930s.
  • CHEIKH ANTA DIOP: the battle of ideas to establish the Africanity of ancient Egyptian civilisation.
  • KALAMU YA SALAAM: how this New Orleans blues musician and filmmaker harnessed to his art traditions stretching from slavery to Black power.
  • WEST AFRICA: Peter Fryer uncovers a 2,500-year-old account of its music.
  • BLACK CANADIAN EDUCATION: a community campaign against the presentation of black people in To Kill a Mocking Bird.

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