Borderline justice: the fight for refugee and migrant rights

From pre-arrival to detention and deportation, Borderline Justice describes the exclusionary policies, inhumane decisions and obstacles to justice for refugees and migrants in the current legal system.

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Frances Webber, a legal practitioner with over 30 years experience, provides a unique insight into how the law has been applied to migrants, refugees and other ‘unpopular minorities’. The book records some of the key legal struggles of the past thirty years which have sought to preserve values of universality in human rights – and the importance of continuing to fight for those values, inside and outside the courtroom.

With its combination of legal and political analysis with insider insights, Borderline Justice will appeal to both academic and non-academic audiences. The themes and analysis cross boundaries of law, politics, sociology, criminology, refugee studies and terrorism studies, appealing to the radical tradition in all these disciplines.

Contents include:

  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword by Gareth Peirce
  • The War on Asylum: Preventing Entry
  • Struggles for Fair Decision-Making
  • More Obstacles to Justice
  • The Erosion of the Law of Humanity
  • Migration Management in the Market State
  • The Fight for Family Life
  • Prisoners of Immigration Control The Growth of the Internal Border Force
  • The Deportation Drive
  • Enemies of the State

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Pluto Press

By Frances Webber. Published by Pluto Press. A5, 256pp., ISBN: 9780745331638, 2012.