The colour of struggle – July 2016

Race and class: the colour of struggle, 1950s-1980s, edited by Jenny Bourne, brings together the voices of unsung political heroes of the time, groundbreaking new research, and campaigning material from the archives, providing readers with key resources on Britain’s history of black anti-racist activism – especially relating to policing, racial violence, workers exploitation and immigration controls. Those who speak from its pages – mothers, workers, students, exiles – testify to the common experience of colonialism and racism which made Black the colour of their fight.

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Editorial by Jenny Bourne

The struggle for a radical Black political culture: an interview with A. Sivanandan by Kwesi Owusu

Student politics, teaching politics, black politics: an interview with Ansel Wong by Rob Waters

Striking back against racist violence in the East End of London, 1968-1970 by Stephen Ashe, Satnam Virdee and Laurence Brown

Dockers Against Racism: an interview with Micky Fenn by Liz Fekete

The case for self-defence by A. Sivanandan and Jenny Bourne

From the street to the state: making anti-fascism anti-racist in 1970s Britain by Michael Higgs

It has to change: an interview with Martha Osamor by Harmit Athwal and Jenny Bourne

Black People Against State Harassment (BASH) campaign – a report by Colin Prescod

The need for unity: an interview with Vishnu Sharma by Harsh Punja

Our blood in the British economy: an interview with Sadar Ali Malik by Liz Fekete

Butler’s colour-bar bill mocks Commonwealth by Claudia Jones

When Black was a political colour: a guide to the literature by Jenny Bourne


Race & Class: a journal on racism, empire and globalisation

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