Islamophobia and progressive values

Islamophobia and progressive values draws attention to the specific role that a discourse on progressive values is playing in shaping Islamophobia.

Dr Sabine Schiffer (Institute for Media Responsibility, Erlangen), Murat Batur (Kanafani Inter-Cultural Initiative, Vienna), Nadia Fadil (Centre for Sociological Research at the Catholic University of Leuven) and Marwan Muhammad (Collective Against Islamophobia in France) outline the general parameters of hatred towards Muslims. They examine the combination of intellectual currents – from the extreme-Right to those of the liberal intelligentsia – which are creating a closed circuit of thought and ensuring that Islamophobia is now the respectable face of European racism.

This report and another published today are the proceedings of two IRR seminars held in London on the theme of ‘End the Isolation: building solidarity networks against racism and Islamophobia in Europe’ at Garden Court Chambers, Lincoln’s Inn Fields on 20 October 2010.

The first seminar on ‘Islamophobia and Progressive Values’ was the concluding networking meeting of the IRR’s Alternative Voices on Integration Project, which was funded by the European Programme for Integration and Migration of the Network of European Foundations.


Download a copy of Islamophobia and progressive values (pdf file, 764kb)

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