Race & Class, April 2009

The April 2009 edition of the journal Race & Class leads with Jerry Harris and Carl Davidson’s charting of the new contours of power in Obama’s America, and features a series of articles on asylum and multiculturalism in Sweden.

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Obama: the new contours of power by Jerry Harris and Carl Davidson

Post-national Europe – without cosmopolitan guarantees by Peo Hansen

Sweden: detention and deportation of asylum seekers by Shahram Khosravi

Sweden: HIV/AIDS policy and the ‘crisis’ of multiculturalism by Anna Bredström


Germany: constructing a sociology of Islamist radicalisation by Sarah Dornhof

Europe: crimes of solidarity by Liz Fekete


Gilberto Freyre: social theory in the tropics By PETER BURKE and MARIA LUCIA G. PALLARES-BURKE reviewed by Felipe Arocena

The Darker Nations: a people’s history of the Third World By VIJAY PRASHAD reviewed by Jordan T. Camp

Left of Karl Marx: the political life of Black Communist Claudia Jones By CAROLE BOYCE DAVIES reviewed by Barbara Harlow

Blood and Rage: a cultural history of terrorism By MICHAEL BURLEIGH reviewed by John Newsinger

Burundi: biography of a small African country By NIGEL WATT reviewed by Michael Wolfers

Scholars in the Marketplace: the dilemmas of neo-liberal reform at Makerere University, 1989-2005 By MAHMOOD MAMDANI and Let the People Speak: Tanzania down the road to neo-liberalism By ISSA G. SHIVJI reviewed by Barbara Harlow

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