Race & Class, April 2010

The April 2010 edition of the journal Race & Class leads with two articles analysing Europe’s incarceration of ‘foreign’ prisoners, the first by Liz Fekete and Frances Webber, the second by Luk Vervaet; it also includes Jeremy Seabrook’s account of marginal lives in the city of Barisal, Bangladesh.

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Foreign nationals, enemy penology and the criminal justice system by Liz Fekete and Frances Webber

The violence of incarceration: a response from mainland Europe by Luk Vervaet

In the city of hunger: Barisal, Bangladesh by Jeremy Seabrook

‘Reciprocal recognitions’: race, class and subjectivity in Tony Harrison’s The Loiners by Colin Nicholson

Military Keynesianism today: an innovative discourse by Peter Custers


Captive labour: asylum seekers, migrants and employment in UK immigration removal centres by Jon Burnett and Fidelis Chebe


Hot, Flat and Crowded: why we need a green revolution and how it can renew America By THOMAS FRIEDMAN reviewed by Jerry Harris

Swing from a Small Island: the story of Leslie Thompson By LESLIE THOMPSON and JEFFREY GREEN reviewed by Andy Simons

Critical Race Theory and Education: a Marxist response: By MIKE COLE by Maria Papapolydorou

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