Race & Class, April 2011

The April 2011 issue of Race & Class leads with a major review article of Guantánamo literature by Barbara Harlow, foregrounding works by Moazzam Begg, Victoria Brittain, Gillian Slovo, Mahvish Rukshana Khan, Anna Perera, Clive Stafford Smith et al and examining what they reveal about the nature, imperatives and relationship to international law of the US state.

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‘Taking Baghdad: some US Marine memoirs of the invasion of Iraq’ an article by John Newsinger neatly complements ‘Extraordinary renditions: tales of Guantánamo’ by Harlow.


‘Extraordinary renditions’: tales of Guantánamo, a review article by Barbara Harlow

Taking Baghdad: some US Marine memoirs of the invasion of Iraq by John Newsinger

Everyday violence, institutional denial and struggles for justice in Kashmir by Haley Duschinski and Bruce Hoffman

Attacks on Indian students: the commerce of denial in Australia by Kevin Dunn, Danielle Pelleri and Karin Maeder-Han


Accelerated removals: the human cost of EU deportation policies by Liz Fekete

How voluntary are voluntary returns? by Frances Webber


Blacks, Reds and Russians: sojourners in search of the Soviet promise by Joy Gleason Carew reviewed by Erik Mc Duffie

‘Illegal’ Traveller: an auto-ethnography of borders by Shahram Khosravi; and, Dying to Live: a story of US immigration in an age of global apartheid by Joseph Nevins with photos by Mizue Aizeki reviewed by Matt Carr

The refuge and the fortress: Britain and the flight from tyranny by Jeremy Seabrook reviewed by Frances Webber

Blood and Faith: the purging of Muslim Spain, 1492-1614 by Matthew Carr reviewed by Melanie Singhji

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