Race & Class, April 2014

In the latest issue of Race & Class, Sindre Bangstad explores the philosophical and political underpinnings of the freedom of expression debate in Norway. He warns that virulent far-right racism and extremism has been sanitised and made mainstream, threatening liberal democracy and equal citizenship in the process.

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On ‘lived theory’: an interview with A. Sivanandan by Avery F. Gordon

The weight of words: the freedom of expression debate in Norway by Sindre Bangstad

Anti-fascism or anti-extremism? by Liz Fekete

Messages of allegiance and defiance: the murals of Gaza by Bill Rolston

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign: contradictions and challenges by Sean F. McMahon

Homeland Security Inc.: public order, private profit by Sabrina Alimahomed


The Left and political renewal in Latin America: an interview with Roberto Regalado by Jerry Harris

Rightwing extremism in Serbia by Jelena Dzombic


The Chicken Trail: following workers, migrants and corporations across the Americas by Frances Webber

Paul Robeson: a watched man by Chris Searle


Stuart Hall 1932-2014 by David Edgar

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