Race & Class, April 2015

The latest issue of Race & Class includes articles on racial violence in Northern Ireland, Belgium’s war on terror, the undocumented in Lesvos and Freedom on Rides in Palestine.

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‘Living the peace process in reverse: racist violence and British nationalism in Northern Ireland’ by Robbie McVeigh

The Guantánamo-isation of Belgium by Luk Vervaet

The pages of whiteness: theory, evidence, and the American immigration debate by Cian T. McMahon

‘Rights’ in the grey area: undocumented border crossers on Lesvos by Sevasti Trubeta


Freedom Rides in Palestine: racial segregation and grassroots politics on the bus by Maryam S. Griffin

The ‘knockout game’: moral panic and the politics of white victimhood by Mike King


Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity by William I. Robinson (Jerry Harris)

Profits of Doom: how vulture capitalism is swallowing the world by Antony Loewenstein (Frances Webber)

The Price of Experience: writings on living with cancer by Mike Marqusee (Hazel Waters)

Caribbean Political Thought: the colonial state to Caribbean internationalisms edited by Aaron Kamugisha, Caribbean Political Thought: theories of the postcolonial state edited by Aaron Kamugisha and Caribbean Cultural Thought: from plantation to diaspora edited by Yanique Hume and Aaron Kamugisha (Michael Niblett)

The Setting Sun: a memoir of Empire and family secrets by Bart Moore-Gilbert (Ryan Erfani-Ghettani)

Collected Poems by John Berger (Chris Searle)

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