Race & Class, April 2016

The April issue of Race & Class features articles on Lagos and Detroit, the deradicalisation of education, nativism in Hungary and Jamaica’s garrison communities.

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Worlding and wilding: Lagos and Detroit as global cities by Stephen Marr

The deradicalisation of education: terror, youth and the assault on learning by Mayssoun Sukarieh and Stuart Tannock

Hungary: power, punishment and the ‘Christian-national idea’ by Liz Fekete

Guns, gangs and garrison communities in the politics of Jamaica by Kevin Edmonds

Soft power and corporate imperialism: maintaining British influence by Emma Bell


How the lifestyle of the rich became anthropogenic activity in the climate change debate by Jeremy Seabrook

Late Victorian aristocrats and the racial other: the Devonshire House ball of 1897 by Martin Spies


Gaza 2014 and the ‘duty to investigate’: a review article by Barbara Harlow

Eqbal Ahmad: critical outsider in a turbulent age by Stuart Schaar (Jenny Bourne)

Rethinking Border Control for a Globalizing World: a preferred future edited by Leanne Weber (Liz Fekete)

Settled Wanderers: the poetry of Western Sahara by Sam Berkson and Mohamed Sulaiman (Chris Searle)

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