Race & Class, January 2009

The January 2009 edition of the journal Race & Class leads with Victoria Brittain’s powerful exposé of the rounding up, imprisonment without trial and indefinite house arrest of a number of Muslim men resident in the UK.

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Besieged in Britain by Victoria Brittain

A syllabus of errors: Pope Benedict XVI on Islam at Regensburg by Ralph M. Coury

Zionism and Oriental Jews: a dialectic of exploitation and co-optation by Ehud Ein-Gil and Moshé Machover

Jacks and diamonds – some aspects of race on the London Victorian stage by Hazel Waters


Catching history on the wing: a conference report by Institute of Race Relations

Catching history on the wing: conference speech by A. Sivanandan


The Umma and the Dawla: the nation state and the Arab Middle East By TAMIM AL-BARGHOUTI reviewed by ELAINE HAGOPIAN

Poems from Guantánamo: the detainees speak Edited by MARC FALKOFF and The Guantánamo Files: the stories of the 774 detainees in America’s illegal prison By ANDY WORTHINGTON reviewed by Victoria Britain

Framing Geelani, Hanging Afzal: patriotism in the time of terror By NANDITA HAKSAR reviewd by Arun Kundnani

Socialist Joy in the Writings of Langston Hughes By JONATHAN SCOTT reviewed by Chris Searle

After Abolition: Britain and the slave trade since 1807 By MARIKA SHERWOOD reviewed by Danny Reilly

Chinese Whispers: the true story behind Britain’s hidden army of labour By HSIAO-HUNG PAI reviewed by Jenny Bourne

The Dialectics of Globalization: economic and political conflict in a transnational world By JERRY HARRIS reviewed by Harry Targ

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