Race & Class, January 2012

The January 2012 issue of Race & Class contains two key articles which address pressing issues.

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William Robinson and Mario Barrera examine fascist tendencies emerging in the US as a riposte to the contemporary crisis in global capitalism. Liz Fekete reveals how the perpetrator of the July 2011 Norwegian massacre was influenced by a dangerous ‘Muslim conspiracy theory’, akin to anti-Semitism, which is being widely circulated and becoming accepted across a political spectrum within Europe.


Mary Dines: 1927-2011 by Jenny Bourne


Global capitalism and twenty-first century fascism: a US case study by William I. Robinson and Mario Barrera

The Muslim conspiracy theory and the Oslo massacre by Liz Fekete

Housed Gypsies and Travellers in the UK: work, exclusion and adaptation by David Smith and Margaret Greenfields

White masks/Muslim names: immigrants and name-changing in Sweden by Shahram Khosravi


Rage against the market: Bristol’s Tesco riot by Matt Clement

UK: the real ‘immigration debate’ by Frances Webber

Review article

A Palestine that might have been by Victoria Brittain


Aftermath: following the bloodshed of America’s wars in the Muslim world reviewed by Susan M. Akram

Edward Said: a legacy of emancipation and representation and Islam, Orientalism and Intellectual History: modernity and the politics of exclusion since Ibn Khaldun reviewed by Barbara Harlow

‘Sleepwalking to Segregation’? Challenging myths about race and migration reviewed by Jon Burnett

Secular Devotion: Afro-Latin music and imperial jazz reviewed by Chris Searle

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