Race & Class, January 2016

The January 2016 issue of Race & Class is a special issue, ‘Reparative histories: radical narratives of “race” and resistance’, edited by Cathy Bergin and Anita Rupprecht.

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‘The point here is to excavate histories of resistance, solidarity and collectivity as vital for the now.’

– Cathy Bergin and Anita Rupprecht


History, agency and the representation of ‘race’ – an introduction by Cathy Bergin and Anita Rupprecht

Redressing anti-imperial amnesia by Priyamvada Gopal

‘Inherent vice’: marine insurance, slave ship rebellion and the law by Anita Rupprecht

‘Unrest among the Negroes’: the African Blood Brotherhood and the politics of resistance by Cathy Bergin

Jubilee and the limits of African American freedom after Emancipation by Brian Kelly

Harry O’Connell, maritime labour and the racialised politics of place by David Featherstone


Vivek Chibber and the spectre of postcolonial theory by Neil Lazarus


From the 1970s to the 1790s and the importance of metanarratives by Hazel Waters


Borrowed Light: Vico, Hegel and the colonies, volume I by Timothy Brennan (Vasant Kaiwar)

The Grenada Revolution in the Caribbean Present by Shalini Puri (Chris Searle)


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