Race & Class, July 2008

The July 2008 edition of the journal Race & Class leads with Hilary and Steven Rose’s extended argument for an academic boycott of Israel, features Matt Carr’s study of the US assault on Fallujah and Jerry Harris’ analysis of US imperialism after the defeat in Iraq.

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Editorial by Hazel Waters

Israel, Europe and the academic boycott by Hilary Rose and Steven Rose

The barbarians of Fallujah by Matt Carr

US imperialism after Iraq by Jerry Harris

Structuring silence: asbestos and biomedical research in Britain and South Africa by Lundy Braun


Language and the seizure of power: an interview with C. L. R. James by Chris Searle

The West Indian Gazette: Claudia Jones and the black press in Britain by Donald Hinds


Forgeries of Memory and Meaning: Blacks and the regimes of race in American theater and film before World War II: By CEDRIC J. ROBINSON reviewed by Hazel Waters

Hamas: a history from within: By AZZAM TAMIMI reviewed by Victoria Brittain

Tim Hector: a Caribbean radical’s story: By PAUL BUHLE reviewed by Chris Searle

Chronicler of the Winds: By HENNING MANKELL; In the Country of Men: By HISHAM MATAR reviewed by Barbara Harlow

Forgotten Wars: the end of Britain’s Asian empire: By CHRIS BAYLY and TIM HARPER reviewd by John Newsinger

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