Race & Class, July 2010

The July 2010 edition of the journal Race & Class is a special issue: ‘Canada: colonial amnesia and the legacy of empire’ guest edited by David Austin, Sean Mills and Scott Rutherford.

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With contributions from fourteen Canadian activists and scholars it reveals how the prevailing narrative of a peaceful, immigrant-welcoming, safe and economically prosperous nation, spared from the ugly histories of colonialism and imperialism, is not simply flawed but quite untrue.


Colonialism and the Indigenous present: an interview with Bonita Lawrence by Scott Rutherford

Narratives of power: historical mythologies in contemporary Québec and Canada by David Austin

Imperial designs: the Royal Bank of Canada in the Caribbean by Peter James Hudson

Without surrender: an interview with Kari Levitt by Sean Mills by Sean Mills

‘Do not disturb/please clean room’: hotel housekeepers in Greater Toronto by Sirena Liladrie

Transient servitude: migrant labour in Canada and the apartheid of citizenship by Harsha Walia

‘Reasonable accommodation’ in Québec: the limits of participation and dialogue by Gada Mahrouse


What’s Left? Canada’s ‘global justice’ movement and colonial amnesia by Aziz Choudry

Black learners in Canada by Rosalind Hampton


The Hanging of Angelique: the untold story of Canadian slavery and the burning of old Montreal by AFUA COOPER reviewed by Melissa Shaw

Making Space for Indigenous Feminism edited by JOYCE GREEN reviewed by Shauna Shiels

Good Crop/Bad Crop: seed politics and the future of food in Canada by DEVLIN KUYEK reviewed by Susan Belyea

Casting Out: the eviction of Muslims from western law and politics by SHERENE H.RAZACK reviewed by Rachel Gouin

Exalted Subjects: studies in the making of race and nation in Canada by SUNERA THOBANI reviewed by Samah Affan

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