Race & Class, October 2010

Race & Class, October 2010, leads with an article by Nancy Murray on ‘Profiling in the age of total information awareness’. In the US, such awareness linked to racial profiling and implemented by the little accountable Joint-Terrorism Task Forces is especially focused on Muslims, immigrants and prisoners.

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Rehana Ahmed provides a new take on the protests against the book and film of Brick Lane by Monica Ali, Ché Singh Kochhar-George examines the Nepalese Gurkhas fight for equality and Jerry Harris argues that green capitalism has failed to reconcile fundamental contradictions between globalisation and sustainability.


Basil Davidson: Soldier in the People’s Army, 1914-2010 by A. Sivanandan


Profiling in the age of total information awareness by Nancy Murray

Brick Lane: a materialist reading of the novel and its reception by Rehana Ahmed

Nepalese Gurkhas and their battle for equal rights by Ché Singh Kochhar-George

Going green to stay in the black: transnational capitalism and renewable energy by Jerry Harris


Africa: Dead Aid and the return of neoliberalism by John Hilary

UK: the veil and the politics of racism by Milly Williamson and Gholam Khiabany

UK: the reality behind the ‘knife crime’ debate by Rebecca Wood


Ireland’s Hidden Diaspora: the ‘abortion trail’ and the making of a London-Irish underground, 1980-2000 By ANN ROSSITER reviewed by Robbie McVeigh

Violence Against Women in South Asian Communities: issues for policy and practice Edited by RAVI K. THIARA and AISHA K. GILL reviewed by Jane Sendall and Nicole Westmarland

Smile or Die: how positive thinking fooled America and the world By BARBARA EHRENREICH reviewed by Rebecca Wood

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