Race & Class, October 2011 (currently out of stock)

The October 2011 issue of a special issue, Black History – Black Struggle, examines hitherto neglected areas of black history by unknown black strugglers across the last century.

It contains the story of the 1975 Spaghetti House siege, which is, for the first time, told from the inside, by protagonist Shujaa Moshesh drawing on his letters and poems from prison. From across the Atlantic, Stephen Jones an ex-prisoner explains how the US prison regimen he experienced, at the time of The Soledad Brothers, became the classroom for radical black education.

Forty years after the Attica prison riots, we republish the Liberation Faction’s Manifesto of Demands as a reminder of a milestone in prison resistance. And there is the untold story of Barbadian-born seafarer Chris Braithwaite, the lynchpin of an anti-colonial maritime network in interwar London, and organiser in both the Communist party and the Pan-African movement.


Spaghetti House siege: making the rhetoric real by Jenny Bourne ‘Seize the time’: an interview with Stephen Jones by Avery F. Gordon The Attica Liberation Faction Manifesto of Demands Mariner, renegade and castaway: Chris Braithwaite, seamen’s organiser and Pan-Africanist by Christian Høgsbjerg Race, politics and US students in 1930s Soviet Russia by Meredith L. Roman


Harriet Beecher Stowe’s other novel – Dred on the London stage by Hazel Waters Obama and the global war on terror by Nancy Murray


Malcolm X: a life of reinvention reviewed by Yohuru Williams Black for a Cause … Not Just Because … reviewed by Colin Prescod Red, White and Black: cinema and the structure of US antagonisms reviewed by Mary Ellison Ricin! The inside story of the terror plot that never was reviewed by Anne Singh Ayyankali: a Dalit leader of organic protest reviewed by Chandran Komath Cities under Siege: the new military urbanism reviewed by Kristian Williams

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