Race & Class, October 2013

In the October 2013 issue of Race & Class, Phil Scraton examines the legacy of the Hillsborough football stadium disaster, which claimed the lives of ninety-six people.

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  • The legacy of Hillsborough: liberating truth, challenging power by Phil Scraton
  • The role of the press in the war on asylum by Greg Philo, Emma Briant and Pauline Donald
  • Neoliberal settler colonialism, Canada and the tar sands by Jen Preston
  • ‘Less than human’: the detention of irregular migrants in Malta by Daniela DeBono


  • The price of ‘progress’? From Senghenydd to Savar by Jeremy Seabrook
  • Islamophobia: Burma’s racist faultline by Penny Green
  • UK: the way to pariah status in Europe by Frances Webber

Book Reviews

  • Translating Egypt’s Revolution: the language of Tahrir reviewed by Barbara Harlow
  • From the Ruins of Empire: the revolt against the west and the remaking of Asia reviewed by Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee
  • Scattered Sand: the story of China’s rural migrants reviewed by Matt Carr

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