Race & Class, October 2014

The October issue of Race & Class, ‘Memory and hope’, contains the views of Kashmiri scholars and activists on the country’s history and possibilities for peace and autonomy. Guest edited by anthropologist Shubh Mathur, the articles in this issue draw upon new voices and new research which have transformed understandings of the conflict, placing the Kashmiri experience centre stage, rather than the competing narratives of Indian and Pakistani territorial and nationalist ambitions.

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Memory and hope: new perspectives on the Kashmir conflict – an introduction by Shubh Mathur The events of 1953 in Jammu and Kashmir: a memoir of three generations by Nyla Ali Khan Kashmir: the forgotten conflict by Gowhar Geelani The politics of the sentence of death: a comparative perspective by Jim Drummond Reconciliation and truth in Kashmir: a case study by Sajid Iqbal with Zoheb Hossain and Shubh Mathur Resolving Kashmir: imperatives and solutions by Noor Ahmad Baba Sub-regional conflicts and selective autonomy in J&K: Hill Councils in power by Gull Wani Asylum seekers’ Occupy movement in Hong Kong by Francesco Vecchio and Cosmo Beatson


Article 370: a constitutional history of Jammu and Kashmir by Aijaz Ashraf Wani Goliath: life and loathing in Greater Israel and Shatteres Hopes: Obama’s failure to broker Israeli-Palestinian peace by Nancy Murray Monsoon Revolutions: republicans, sultans and empires in Oman 1965-1976 by John Newsinger The Beast: riding the rails and dodging narcos on the migrant trail by Matt Carr The Poverty of Capitalism: economic meltdown and the struggle for what comes next by Ryan Erfani-Ghettani


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