Race & Class, October 2016

The October issue of Race & Class features articles on the international impact of securitisation.

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Witness Against Torture, Guantánamo and solidarity as resistance by Chandra Russo

German development aid and the politics of pre-emption by Joschka Fröschner

Entitlement and belonging: social restructuring and multicultural Britain by Jon Burnett

The inversion of accountability by Frances Webber


Submission from the IRR to the Labour Party Inquiry into anti-Semitism and other forms of racism, including Islamophobia by A. Sivanandan, Liz Fekete and Jenny Bourne

Why Rhodes Must Fall by John Newsinger

Germany: neo-Nazis and the market in asylum reception by Priska Komaromi


The politics of the Right: a review article by David Edgar

Racism: a critical analysis by Mike Cole (Bob Carter)

Private Security Companies during the Iraq War: military performance and the use of deadly force by Scott Fitzsimmons (John Newsinger)

Return to Streets of Eternity by Jan Carew (Sam Berkson)

Killing Trayvons: an anthology of American violence and Dixie Be Damned: 300 years of insurrection in the American South by Jeffrey St. Clair, Kevin Alexander Gray and Joann Wypjewski (Andrew Smolski)


Race & Class: a journal on racism, empire and globalisation

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