Reclaim people’s security

From national security to global security: counter-terrorism in Asia and Europe. Published by the Institute of Race Relations along with the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam.

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Written by Liz Fekete, the head of the European Race Audit of the IRR, Reclaim people’s security examines how, post-September 11, national security considerations are giving way to one global security regime – dominated by US interests.

This report explains how the ‘war on terrorism’ has set back the democratic project in Asia as countries have been drawn into interlocking security agreements with draconian implications for human rights locally. And, in parallel developments in Europe, the EU’s common position on combating terrorism, rushed through the Council of the EU in December 2001, has served to undermine the rights and security of refugees and asylum seekers in the West. A series of laws and special measures – from emergency powers on public order to aliens’ legislation – now aimed solely at ‘foreigners’ are helping to foment xeno-racism in Europe.

This informative and well-researched report includes a history of national security legislation under colonial rule and an account of the new international movement to build a People’s Security Agenda.

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By Liz Fekete. A5, 20 pp., 2003.