Race & Class

Race & Class is the IRR’s quarterly journal on racism, empire and globalisation. For more than three decades, it has established a reputation for the breadth of its analysis, its global outlook and its multidisciplinary approach. Further information on the Race & Class publication

April 4, 2013

Race & Class, April 2013

The April 2013 issue of Race & Class contains a special section on Cuts, crime and racialisation, which examines how neoliberalism, at a time of austerity, changes the very nature of racism and criminal justice.

January 15, 2013

Race & Class, January 2013

In the January 2013 issue of Race & Class, A. Sivanandan analyses the rise of neoliberalism in the UK, arguing that the market state no longer serves the nation, but transnational capital.

September 27, 2012

Race & Class, October 2012

The October 2012 issue of Race & Class, Arun Kundnani  analyses the concept of Muslim radicalisation now central in the  counter-terrorism industry while Ashley Lavelle charts Eldridge Cleaver’s journey from radical ‘Soul on Ice’ to renegade ‘Soul for Hire’.

June 22, 2012

Race & Class, July 2012

The July 2012 issue of Race & Class, the  lead article ‘Four days in August: the UK riots’ examines reports and inquiries conducted in the aftermath of last summer’s disturbances in the UK.

March 19, 2012

Race & Class, April 2012

The April 2012 issue of Race & Class contains two key articles.

January 5, 2012

Race & Class, January 2012

The January 2012 issue of Race & Class contains two key articles which address pressing issues.

September 13, 2011

Race & Class, October 2011 (currently out of stock)

The October 2011 issue of a special issue, Black History - Black Struggle, examines hitherto neglected areas of black history by unknown black strugglers across the last century.

June 23, 2011

Race & Class, July 2011

The July 2011 issue contains four key articles, leading with 'What postcolonial theory doesn't say' by Neil Lazarus in which he exposes the category error at the heart of the postcolonial studies field - a failure to situate colonialism and imperialism and acknowledge the impact of capitalism and uneven development even as the idea of 'the West' is ever dematerialised. He reviews the work of scholars and novelists.

April 11, 2011

Race & Class, April 2011

The April 2011 issue of Race & Class leads with a major review article of Guantánamo literature by Barbara Harlow, foregrounding works by Moazzam Begg, Victoria Brittain, Gillian Slovo, Mahvish Rukshana Khan, Anna Perera, Clive Stafford Smith et al and examining what they reveal about the nature, imperatives and relationship to international law of the US state.

January 11, 2011

Race & Class, January 2011

'Constructions of Palestine', the January 2011 issue of Race & Class, is a special issue.