Anti-imperialist movements

Reference code: 01-04-04-01-02

Date: 1934 - 1982

Level: Sub-Series

Arrangement: These records have been catalogued to the following structure:
01-04-04-01-02-001: League Against Imperialism and for National Independence: Situation in Belgian Congo
01-04-04-01-02-002: African Arrow
01-04-04-01-02-003: Campaign Against Race Discrimination in Sport, objects, news and supporters list
01-04-04-01-02-004: Campaign Against Race Discrimination in Sport handbill about race discrimination in South Africa
01-04-04-01-02-005: Campaign Against Race Discrimination in Sport blank letterhead
01-04-04-01-02-006: Lugard Lectures: 'Who Are The Nigerians?' By Okoi Arikpo
01-04-04-01-02-007: The Bureau on Ghana Affairs, volume 1, number 3: Big Brother 'Times' and Ghana's Republic
01-04-04-01-02-008: Central Africa - Your Concern', issued by the Movement for Colonial Freedom
01-04-04-01-02-009: Nyasaland Speaks: an appeal to the British people by M. W. Kanyama Chiume
01-04-04-01-02-010: Security Council resolution of July 14 1960 on Congo'
01-04-04-01-02-011: Conspiracy Against Congo', Committee of African Organisations
01-04-04-01-02-012: Hear South Africa's United Voice on Apartheid'
01-04-04-01-02-013: Committee of African Organisations, meeting resolutions
01-04-04-01-02-014: Movement for Colonial Freedom: 'Verwoerd is Coming!!'
01-04-04-01-02-015: NTU' The Magazine of the 'NTU' Study Group', volume 1, number 1, 'For the dead, the living and the unborn'
01-04-04-01-02-016: Conference on 'South Africa - the Unholy Alliance'', advertisement leaflet
01-04-04-01-02-017: Conference: South Africa - the Unholy Alliance - background document: High Commission territories
01-04-04-01-02-018: Conference: South Africa - the Unholy Alliance - background document 2: UK votes on South West Africa 1954-1961
01-04-04-01-02-019: Conference: South Africa - the Unholy Alliance - background document 2a: South West Africa - economic background
01-04-04-01-02-020: Conference: South Africa - the Unholy Alliance - background document 3: Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland - economic background
01-04-04-01-02-021: Conference: South Africa - the Unholy Alliance - background document 3a: Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland - political background
01-04-04-01-02-022: Conference: South Africa - the Unholy Alliance - background document 4: Angola - the background
01-04-04-01-02-023: Conference: South Africa - the Unholy Alliance - background document 5: The Congo Republic
01-04-04-01-02-024: Conference: South Africa - the Unholy Alliance - background document 6: The defence build up in South Africa
01-04-04-01-02-025: Conference: South Africa - the Unholy Alliance - Campaign proposals, for discussion in second session
01-04-04-01-02-026: Help the Africa Freedom March
01-04-04-01-02-027: Combat: Bulletin of the Transvaal Indian Youth Congress
01-04-04-01-02-028: President's speech at the state house on the morning of 23.1.64
01-04-04-01-02-029: The meeting of Nigerian leaders held at Aburi Accra Ghana, 4-5 January 1967, official document No. 5 of 1967
01-04-04-01-02-030: The murder of Nigeria - an indictment by Obi B. Egbuna
01-04-04-01-02-031: Ten facts about Biafra
01-04-04-01-02-032: Crusade Bulletin - Watch Britain in Biafra (America in Vietnam)
01-04-04-01-02-033: Full support to FRELIMO, MPLA, PAIGC, Total Independence Now, Solidarity with the Portuguese People, Recognise Guinea Bissau, No Aid to Portuguese Colonialism, Demonstrate Sunday 16 June, assemble 2pm Speakers Corner, march to Trafalgar Square
01-04-04-01-02-034: Angola Solidarity Campaign: 'MPLA for Angola'
01-04-04-01-02-035: Mozambique, Angola and Guine Information Centre advertising leaflet
01-04-04-01-02-036: AIM/2 1978E - President Samora denounces imperialism's manoeuvres in Zimbabwe
01-04-04-01-02-037: Mozambique, Angola and Guine Bissau problems of the transition to socialism flyer for conference
01-04-04-01-02-038: Letter from Joan Lestor MP
01-04-04-01-02-039: Malawi Support Committee press release: Malawi after President Banda - chaos or freedom?
01-04-04-01-02-040: The Socialist League of Malawi (Lesoma), Malawi after President Banda - chaos or freedom?
01-04-04-01-02-041: Statement by Dr. Attati Mpakati, National Chairman of the Socialist League of Malawi (Lesoma)' on 'U.S. Dept. of Defence, Security Assistance Programme, Malawi'
01-04-04-01-02-042: Biography of Dr. Attati Mpakati of Lesoma.
01-04-04-01-02-043: Socialist League of Malawi (Lesoma), Aims and Programme of Action
01-04-04-01-02-044: Newspaper cutting 'Favouritism in the Army' from New African
01-04-04-01-02-045: Pambana
01-04-04-01-02-046: Stop the massacre immediately!'
01-04-04-01-02-047: British Centre Against Imperialism, 'Dear Comrade...'
01-04-04-01-02-048: British Centre Against Imperialism conference programme
01-04-04-01-02-049: Prime Minister Nehru's Letter to Chou En-Lai, dated January 1, 1963'
01-04-04-01-02-050: Epwapda fortnightly bulletin', Wednesday, April 15, 1964
01-04-04-01-02-051: Epwapda fortnightly bulletin', Saturday August 1, 1964
01-04-04-01-02-052: Famine in India, emergency conference organised by the India Relief Committee'
01-04-04-01-02-053: Is it nothing to you?'
01-04-04-01-02-054: British-Asian and Overseas Socialist Fellowship, 'Labour Link', September 1958'.
01-04-04-01-02-055: Trinidad and Tobago Contribution to ....... Commonwealth Arts Festival U.K. 1965'
01-04-04-01-02-056: Shanti: Third World Centre

Extent: 1 box

Scope: This material comprises anti-imperialist and anti-colonialist literature, predominantly about Africa, but also India, the Caribbean, Canada and Germany. It includes circulars, brochures, flyers, journals, programmes, pamphlets, press releases and conference literature.

When catalogued: February 2008

Accruals: None

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