Anti-deportation campaigns

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Date: 1970s - 1990s

Level: Sub-sub-series

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01-04-04-01-08-01-01: Abdul Azad
01-04-04-01-08-01-02: Aeyesha
01-04-04-01-08-01-03: Afia Begum
01-04-04-01-08-01-04: Akram Dogar
01-04-04-01-08-01-05: Anwar Ditta
01-04-04-01-08-01-06: Anwar Mahomed
01-04-04-01-08-01-07: Ayse Korkunal
01-04-04-01-08-01-08: Basraa family
01-04-04-01-08-01-09: Mr Cheema
01-04-04-01-08-01-10: Chummun Sisters
01-04-04-01-08-01-11: Georgina Buckman
01-04-04-01-08-01-12: Gias Uddin
01-04-04-01-08-01-13: Halimat Babamba
01-04-04-01-08-01-14: Jaswinder Kaur
01-04-04-01-08-01-15: Kantilal Mistry
01-04-04-01-08-01-16: Karamjit Singh
01-04-04-01-08-01-17: Katerina and Vassilis Nicola
01-04-04-01-08-01-18: Khan and Kaur families
01-04-04-01-08-01-19: Mohamed Munsif Khan
01-04-04-01-08-01-20: Manda Kunda
01-04-04-01-08-01-21: Mohammed Butt
01-04-04-01-08-01-22: Muhammad Idrish
01-04-04-01-08-01-23: Mumtaz Kiani
01-04-04-01-08-01-24: Munir Ahmed
01-04-04-01-08-01-25: Nesat Tolunay
01-04-04-01-08-01-26: Nasira Begum
01-04-04-01-08-01-27: Nasreen Akhtar
01-04-04-01-08-01-28: Osman Family
01-04-04-01-08-01-29: Parveen Akhtar
01-04-04-01-08-01-30: Rashida Abedi
01-04-04-01-08-01-31: Raymond Dangarembizi
01-04-04-01-08-01-32: Reggie Yates
01-04-04-01-08-01-33: Salim Pardesi
01-04-04-01-08-01-34: Sarah Kusah
01-04-04-01-08-01-35: Shahid Syed
01-04-04-01-08-01-36: Shahida Ali
01-04-04-01-08-01-37: Shehnaz Sheikh
01-04-04-01-08-01-38: Som Raj
01-04-04-01-08-01-39: Theresa Namuddu
01-04-04-01-08-01-40: Varkki family
01-04-04-01-08-01-41: Vinod Chauhan
01-04-04-01-08-01-42: Viraj Mendis
01-04-04-01-08-01-43: Bangladesh Divided Families Campaign
01-04-04-01-08-01-44: Wycombe Defence Committee
01-04-04-01-08-01-45: Bradford Asian Youth Movement: 'Campaign against deportations and racist immigration laws'
01-04-04-01-08-01-46: Socialist Workers Party, pamphlet: 'Stop the deportations. Fight police harassment.'
01-04-04-01-08-01-47: Campaign Against Deporting Iranian Students, Manchester, flyer: 'Stop death by deportation. Refugee status for Iranian students!'
01-04-04-01-08-01-48: London Immigration Action Group, flyer: 'No deportation, no repatriation'
01-04-04-01-08-01-49: Oxford Multi-Racial Action Group, flyer: 'Oxford's deportation cases'
01-04-04-01-08-01-50: Organisation of Women of Asian and African Descent, flyer: 'Black people demand an end to state persecution! It is our right to live in Britain with our children!'
01-04-04-01-08-01-51: Bradford Joint Anti-Deportation Committee - No Deportation - Defend the Bradford 18'
01-04-04-01-08-01-52: Manchester Law Centre, booklet: 'You don't have to be a lawyer to help someone being threatened with immediate arrest, detention or expulsion under the Immigration Act'
01-04-04-01-08-01-53: Cypriot Community Workers Action Group: 'Press release: Cypriot refugees facing deportation.'
01-04-04-01-08-01-54: Copied correspondence between the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants and the Home Office re: cases of Mr Gansuc, Mrs Calane, Mr Mussagi and Mrs Salemangi.
01-04-04-01-08-01-55: Press release and 'Report on Anti-Deportation Campaign', issued by Londra Isci Birligi (Union of Turkish Workers).
01-04-04-01-08-01-56: Letter from the Londra Isci Birligi (Union of Turkish Workers) to a councillor regarding police raids on Turkish immigrants.
01-04-04-01-08-01-57: Immigration Widows Campaign, press release: Invitation to press conference'.
01-04-04-01-08-01-58: Greater London Council, Extract from Council Agenda of Tuesday 17 July 1984'
01-04-04-01-08-01-59: Women Against Deportations, flyer: 'Women say 'no more deportations!'
01-04-04-01-08-01-60: Leaflet: 'GLC Anti-racist year' Anti Deportations Working Group'
01-04-04-01-08-01-61: Flyer: 'Attention all resident domestics and nursing auxiliaries!'
01-04-04-01-08-01-62: Hackney Anti-Deportation Campaign, flyer: 'Stop the mass deportations, oppose racist immigration controls'
01-04-04-01-08-01-63: Statement by the Stoke Newington Iranian Community Centre's Refugee Committee.: 'Iranian Community Centre: Refugees Humanitarian Demand'
01-04-04-01-08-01-64: amil Refugee Action Group, flyer: 'The plight of Tamil refugees in detention camp'
01-04-04-01-08-01-65: Hackney Anti-Deportation Campaign, flyer: 'Release all immigration prisoners, close immigration prisons. Why are we demonstrating in Harwich'
01-04-04-01-08-01-66: Hackney Anti-Deportation Campaign, flyer: 'Demonstrate against Harwich Prison Ship'
01-04-04-01-08-01-67: Conference Steering Group, circular letter: 'Anti-Deportation Conference - 12/7/87' with attached poster.

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