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Reference code: 01-04-04-01-09

Date: 1964 - 1987

Level: Sub-Series

Arrangement: These records have been catalogued to the following structure:
01-04-04-01-09-01: Transcripts of television and radio programmes about race relations, with accompanying index.
01-04-04-01-09-02: Transcripts of television and radio programmes about race relations collected by the Institute of Race Relations: not indexed.
01-04-04-01-09-03: Racism in the media: newspaper cartoons
01-04-04-01-09-04: Racism in the media: newspaper articles
01-04-04-01-09-05: Blacks Britannica
01-04-04-01-09-06: Campaign Against Racism in the Media (CARM)
01-04-04-01-09-07: Newspaper cuttings on media coverage of race relations
01-04-04-01-09-08: Letter of complaint to the Press Council about the Oldham Evening Chronicle, from Reverend Neil Richardson.
01-04-04-01-09-09: Campaign for press freedom'
01-04-04-01-09-10: NUJ [National Union of Journalists] guidelines for reporting on race'
01-04-04-01-09-11: National Union of Journalists, pamphlet: 'Reporting from Africa'
01-04-04-01-09-12: Racism in Books: a report by the Book Branch's Racism in Books committee published by the NUJ's Race Relations Working Party'
01-04-04-01-09-13: Flyer and invitation: 'Generations of Resistance, distributed by The Other cinema'
01-04-04-01-09-14: Complaint about a feature on Golliwogs in That's Life TV programme.
01-04-04-01-09-15: Workers Against Racism publicity flyer: 'Workers against racism video 'I'm not a racist but...''
01-04-04-01-09-16: The Press Council, press release no. S8335R/1460
01-04-04-01-09-17: Second International Book Fair of Radical, Black and 3rd World Books, 1983 Brochure and programme'.
01-04-04-01-09-18: Circular letters advertising the TV programme 'A Passage to Britain'
01-04-04-01-09-19: Channel 4 Broadcasting Support Services: 'Cautionary Tales. It could happen to you!'
01-04-04-01-09-20: Channel 4 flyer: 'Living in Danger'
01-04-04-01-09-21: Greater London Council: 'Anti Racist Film Programme November '84 to March '85'
01-04-04-01-09-22: East London Campaign Against Racism And Fascism [ELCARAPH] flyer: 'Why we are demonstrating - fight racism'
01-04-04-01-09-23: The Volunteer Centre, Berkhamstead: 'The Media Project - ethnic minority broadcasting and local radio case study'
01-04-04-01-09-24: London Borough of Greenwich booklet: 'I love my Golly. But...'
01-04-04-01-09-25: Cuttings from The Guardian about Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's appearance on TV Eye programme.
01-04-04-01-09-26: Greater London Arts: 'In the eye of the needle: report of the independent enquiry into Greater London Arts'
01-04-04-01-09-27: Greater London Council report: 'Campaign for a popular culture'
01-04-04-01-09-28: Media Research Group, Goldsmiths' College, University of London: 'Media coverage of London councils, interim report'.

Extent: 2 boxes

Scope: This material comprises transcripts of TV and radio programmes on race relations, racism and immigration, racially offensive newspaper articles and cartoons, ephemera relating to the release of the film Blacks Britannica about racism in Britain, documents from the Campaign Against Racism in the Media, newspaper cuttings about the coverage of race relations in the media, and other documents relating to racism and anti-racism in the media and arts.

When catalogued: May 2008

Accruals: None

Access: These records are available for consultation by prior arrangement, although records containing personal information may be subject to closure periods.

Finding Aid: All levels of data available on this system.

Cataloguer note: Catalogued by Rosie Wild of the Institute of Race Relations, as part of a Heritage Lottery Fund project.

Rules and conventions: In the catalogued sections, descriptions created under guidance of London Metropolitan Archives, following ISAD(G).

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