Reference code: 01-04-04-01-12

Date: 1971 - 1999

Level: Sub-Series

Arrangement: These records have been catalogued to the following structure:
01-04-04-01-12-001: Note on the housing situation in the Northcote Ward @ 1970'
01-04-04-01-12-002: Ealing Community Relations Council: 'Homeless families in bed and breakfast accommodation in Ealing, nominations to GLC accommodation'
01-04-04-01-12-003: Ealing Borough Council Housing Committee: 'Housing action areas'
01-04-04-01-12-004: Map: 'Evaluation of housing stress in Ealing
01-04-04-01-12-005: Town planning division, Ealing Borough Council, London Borough of Ealing: 'Ealing borough plan, position statement 5, housing, for consultation, May '78'
01-04-04-01-12-006: Ealing London Borough Housing Action Area Report, September 1978
01-04-04-01-12-007: Housing conditions in Northcote Ward'
01-04-04-01-12-008: ...potential role of housing associations in the Glebe and Northcote wards of Southall'
01-04-04-01-12-009: Ealing Housing Aid Service: a report on the first hundred days, June 1979'
01-04-04-01-12-010: Ealing Housing Action Society: circular letter
01-04-04-01-12-011: Ealing Housing Aid Service, A Disaster Course for the 80's'
01-04-04-01-12-012: Fact sheet on Housing in Southall by Ealing Housing Aid Service'
01-04-04-01-12-013: Ealing International Socialists Immigrant Group: circular letter publicising meeting
01-04-04-01-12-014: Fragment of a letter from the Ealing Community Relations Council to A. Wallis Johnson of the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
01-04-04-01-12-015: Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust: 'Report of the Industrial Education Officer'
01-04-04-01-12-016: Joint report and submissions of the Overseas and European Divisions of the Catering Unit of British Airways Corporation'
01-04-04-01-12-017: Copied fragment of an article about Asian workers a Heathrow
01-04-04-01-12-018: Time Out article: 'We'll take good care of you'
01-04-04-01-12-019: County Times and Gazette article: 'Schools dispersal is attacked as apartheid'
01-04-04-01-12-020: West Middlesex District Committee of the Communist Party: 'Memorandum to the Select Committee on Race Relations and Immigration'
01-04-04-01-12-021: West London Communist Party: pamphlet on 'bussing' in Ealing
01-04-04-01-12-022: Southall Gazette article: 'Demo against 'bussing' planned'
01-04-04-01-12-023: Daily Milap article: ''Bussing' a criminal adventure'
01-04-04-01-12-024: Dispersal of Asian schoolchildren: Ealing Council versus the race Relations Board, comments of Ealing Council'
01-04-04-01-12-025: Amrit Wilson article: 'Loaded coaches'
01-04-04-01-12-026: Commission for Racial Equality press release: 'Ealing will stop 'bussing' school children'
01-04-04-01-12-027: Indian Youth Club, Southall, The Sixth Anniversary of the Indian Youth Club programme'
01-04-04-01-12-028: Fragment of typed notes about fascist violence against Asians in Southall
01-04-04-01-12-029: Scope Southall report: 'Reception classes in Secondary schools in Ealing'
01-04-04-01-12-030: Time Out article: 'Strange case of the doomwatchers'
01-04-04-01-12-031: Ealing College of Further Education, sociology research project - final report, 'Business and culture: a study of Asian and British small business''
01-04-04-01-12-032: Scope Southall: youth concert invitation
01-04-04-01-12-033: Weekly Des Pardes'
01-04-04-01-12-034: Aaj Kaal'
01-04-04-01-12-035: Midweek Gazette article: 'Are the council cuts justified?'
01-04-04-01-12-036: Ealing Gazeete article: 'Mind Your Language'
01-04-04-01-12-037: Circular letter/press release: 'Please don't displace the kids at Priory'
01-04-04-01-12-038: Ealing Community Relations Council press release: Sale of Twyford High school in Acton to the Church of England
01-04-04-01-12-039: Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, press release: a Sikh School in Southall
01-04-04-01-12-040: Southall Community Law Centre: Annual Report 1984-1985
01-04-04-01-12-041: Central Jamia Masjid: 'Press release: Southall must defend itself against racist attack'
01-04-04-01-12-042: Southall Campaign Against Racist Attacks.: 'Press release: racial violence in Southall and the Southall police'
01-04-04-01-12-043: Letter to the Metropolitan Police from Southall Campaign Against Racist Attacks.
01-04-04-01-12-044: Southall Campaign Against Racist Attacks: letter to 630 Members of Parliament
01-04-04-01-12-045: Southall Campaign Against Racist Attacks: calendar of racial violence and police brutality (only a selection)
01-04-04-01-12-046: Morning Star article (fragment): 'Southall student in court'
01-04-04-01-12-047: Poster: 'Massive Anti-Fascist Demonstration'
01-04-04-01-12-048: Poster: 'Remember Kuldip Sekhon'
01-04-04-01-12-049: Flyer: 'Day of remembrance, 31st January 1990'
01-04-04-01-12-050: Indian Workers Association Southall
01-04-04-01-12-051: National Association for Asian Youth
01-04-04-01-12-052: Southall Community Action
01-04-04-01-12-053: Southall Environment Project
01-04-04-01-12-054: Southall Party
01-04-04-01-12-055: Southall Rights
01-04-04-01-12-056: Southall Youth Movement
01-04-04-01-12-057: Blair Peach: press cuttings
01-04-04-01-12-058: Blair Peach: community and campaign documents

Extent: 2 boxes

Scope: This material covers events and organisations in Southall, London Borough of Ealing, known as 'Little India' because of its large Indian population. It contains flyers, press releases, circular letters, leaflets and other ephemera from historically important organisations such as the Indian Workers' Association (Southall), the Indian Workers' Front and the Southall Youth Movement.

There are also collections on issues such as the bussing of non-white schoolchildren in Ealing to schools with fewer non-white pupils; trade unionism, particularly among female cleaning staff at Heathrow airport; community self-defence against fascist activity in the area and the death of anti-fascist activist Blair Peach at the hands of the police during a National Front rally in Southall in 1979.

When catalogued: Apr/May 2008

Accruals: None

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Cataloguer note: Catalogued by Rosie Wild of the Institute of Race Relations, as part of a Heritage Lottery Fund project.

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