Trade unions and industrial action

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Date: 1971 - 1987

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01-04-04-01-13-001: Pamphlet: 'Europe's Blacks besiege the metropolis of capital'
01-04-04-01-13-002: Runnymede Trust draft report on the industrial dispute at Standard Telephones and Cables in North London.
01-04-04-01-13-003: Black Workers Against Racialism'
01-04-04-01-13-004: Draft memorandum: Trade unionists and racial conflict in Britain'
01-04-04-01-13-005: Race Today and Imperial Typewriters Strike Committee, leaflet: 'The strike at Imperial Typewriters: background information to the strike'
01-04-04-01-13-006: North London District Council of the National Union of Railwaymen, flyer: 'Beware of the enemy within. Act now against reactionary elements!'
01-04-04-01-13-007: Civil and Public Services Association, Department of Health and Social Security Headquarters Branch: 'Branch circular 42/76 'Racialism - its [sic] tearing us apart'
01-04-04-01-13-008: Black Workers League, circular letter: 'A test of the Employment Protection Act'
01-04-04-01-13-009: Bethnal Green and Stepney Trades Council, flyer: 'Support the Alie St Nine, Defend the Right to Picket'
01-04-04-01-13-010: Trades Union Council and Labour Party, leaflet: 'The National Front is a Nazi Front'
01-04-04-01-13-011: Shahida and Mike Dolan: 'Background paper: employment, trade unions and Asian workers'
01-04-04-01-13-012: Race relations in East London - statement by Lionel Murray, TUC General Secretary and Bill Keys, Chairman Equal Rights Committee of the Trades Union Congress.'
01-04-04-01-13-013: Black Socialist Alliance, pamphlet: 'Why black people should support the Ford Strike'
01-04-04-01-13-014: Ford (UK) Workers' Combine: 'Ford Workers: our case'
01-04-04-01-13-015: Committee of Trade Unionists for a Labour Victory, pamphlet: Why Trade Unionists must vote Labour: information for Trade Union Activists'
01-04-04-01-13-016: Circular letter from Dan Jones, Secretary Tower Hamlets Trades Union Council: 'Trades unions and the ethnic minorities in East London'
01-04-04-01-13-017: PRESS RELEASE: Maple Mills, Courtaulds Ltd., Oldham'
01-04-04-01-13-018: Maple Mill Workers Strike Committee - bulletin no 2'
01-04-04-01-13-019: East London Workers Against Racism: 'Meeting of the Trade union coordinating committee to resist deportations'
01-04-04-01-13-020: Unemployment in a multi-racial society conference 16th February 1980'
01-04-04-01-13-021: Asians and the textile industry in the North West'
01-04-04-01-13-022: Circular letter fromJana Davies of East London Workers Against Racism (ELWAR) Task Force, responding to a letter from the Greater London Association of Trade Councils criticising the work of ELWAR
01-04-04-01-13-023: Press release by the London Borough of Hackney Joint Shop Stewards Committee about the link between Conservative government policy, unemployment and rioting.
01-04-04-01-13-024: Black Workers Rights Committee: 'Black workers demand equal treatment at B. L.'
01-04-04-01-13-025: Black Workers Conference': conference programme.
01-04-04-01-13-026: Constitution of the Black Workers Association
01-04-04-01-13-027: The Civil and Public Services Association: internal documents on ethnic monitoring in Leeds
01-04-04-01-13-028: Greater London Association of Trade Councils Anti Racist- Anti Fascist Committee Report
01-04-04-01-13-029: Briefing notes for the Greater London Association of Trade Councils' executive committee members on the 'workers against racism' march to the 1982 trades union congress in Brighton'
01-04-04-01-13-030: Workers Against Racism, press release: 'Asian Ford Worker Sacked Over Passport Row'
01-04-04-01-13-031: Black Trade Unionists Solidarity Movement
01-04-04-01-13-032: Aire Valley Yarns Strike News', issue 1
01-04-04-01-13-033: Aire Valley Yarns Strike News', issue 2
01-04-04-01-13-034: Aire Valley Yarns Strike Committee and Aire Valley Yarns Workers Support Committee, flyer: 'Support the Asian textile workers strike'
01-04-04-01-13-035: Race Today and Southall Monitoring Group, flyer: 'No to slave labour'
01-04-04-01-13-036: Southall Black/Asian Employment Unit: 'Reliance Asian workers' dispute - press release'
01-04-04-01-13-037: Waltham Forest Police Monitoring Group: 'Britain's toy factory dispute - a report by Ian Rathbone'
01-04-04-01-13-038: Circular letter from Liberation 'Trade Unions and the G.L.C. Year Against Racism'
01-04-04-01-13-039: Kewal Brothers Strike Support Committee, flyer: 'Support Kewal, Strike!'
01-04-04-01-13-040: Black Workers' Planning Group and TUBE: 'Black workers in the North West, a report of a conference held on 3rd November 1984'
01-04-04-01-13-041: Industrial disputes: cuttings file
01-04-04-01-13-042: The Ad Hoc Committee of Catering and Hotel Workers
01-04-04-01-13-043: Grunwick Strike Committee (APEX)
01-04-04-01-13-044: Grunwick Strike Committee Bulletin'
01-04-04-01-13-045: Copy of the Trades Union Congress records including discussion of the Grunwick strike under the heading 'Government White Paper on Racial Discrimination'.
01-04-04-01-13-046: ACAS Trade Union Recognition, Employment Protection Act 1975, Section 12 - report no 19.
01-04-04-01-13-047: Socialist Challenge', special issue on Grunwick strike.
01-04-04-01-13-048: A song for the Grunwick Picket': lyric sheet for Grunwick pickets, containing words to two songs, produced by the Progressive Cultural Association in London
01-04-04-01-13-049: Communist Party of England (Marxist-Leninist), leaflet: 'Support the militant struggle of the Grunwick workers!'
01-04-04-01-13-050: Socialist Workers Party, flyer: 'The law and the Labour Movement, public meeting'
01-04-04-01-13-051: London and Southern Regional Branch of the Communist Party of England (Marxist-Leninist), leaflet: 'Rally against the growing state fascism! Support the Grunwick strikers!'
01-04-04-01-13-052: International Marxist Group, flyer: 'Stop the retreat, the Grunwick strike must win'
01-04-04-01-13-053: Right to Work Campaign, flyer: 'Hands off our unions: support Grunwick APEX, Desoutters AUEW & Cricklewood UPW - BUILD THE RANK AND FILE MOVEMENT'
01-04-04-01-13-054: Richard Maull Defence Campaign: petition form
01-04-04-01-13-055: Flyer: 'Defend Richard Maull!'
01-04-04-01-13-056: Richard Maull Defence Campaign, flyer: 'Defend Richard Maull!'
01-04-04-01-13-057: Socialist Worker, Grunwick Report no. 8: Social Grun-Trick?'
01-04-04-01-13-058: Extracts of letters received by the charity War on Want after it donated £150 to the Grunwick Strike Committee fund.
01-04-04-01-13-059: Workers Socialist League, flyer.
01-04-04-01-13-060: Pamphlet. 'Chartist Special, Grunwick, the Fight for Trade Union Rights. The story so far... by Frank Hansen'
01-04-04-01-13-061: Pamhlet: 'The battle of Grunwick - the view from the left' by Geoff Bell, Mick Gosling, Jonathan Silberman and Tess van Gelderen and published by Socialist Challenge.
01-04-04-01-13-062: Interview with Ms. Jayaben Desai and Ms Yasu Patel of the Grunwick Strike Committee.'
01-04-04-01-13-063: Grunwick: a Socialist Worker pamphlet'
01-04-04-01-13-064: Grunwick strike - the way to win: statement by the Political Committee of the Workers Revolutionary Party'
01-04-04-01-13-065: Grunwicks special: Right To Work Campaign broadsheet'
01-04-04-01-13-066: Socialist Worker - Grunwick Special'
01-04-04-01-13-067: APEX: 'Grunwick: why it is essential that we win this strike'
01-04-04-01-13-068: Grunwick Strike Committee posters.
01-04-04-01-13-069: Grunwick strike: cuttings file

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Scope: This material relates to strikes involving black workers, both against their treatment by management and trade unions, as well as racism and fascist activity in the trade union movement, in the 1970s and early 1980s.

The documents comprise a large collection of newspaper cuttings and newsletters, as well as posters and other ephemera. They focus in particular on the activity of the Ad Hoc Committee of Catering and Hotel Workers, which sought to organise migrant workers in the hospitality industry, and the strike at the Grunwick factory in Willesden, London Borough of Brent, which lasted from 1976 to 1978.

The mainly East African Asian female workers at the Grunwick film processing plant went out on strike in Summer 1976, in protest against poor working conditions and for trade union recognition. Led by Jayaben Desai, the strikers and their supporters picketed the factory for nearly two years. After the management's rejection of the recommendations of arbitration service ACAS and a later inquiry by Lord Scarman and the intervention of far-right organisation the National Association for Freedom (NAFF) on the one side, the strike eventually ended in July 1978 without achieving its goal of trade union recognition. It was nonetheless a watershed strike in trade union history, particularly because of its pathbreaking leadership by Asian women.

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