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Aug 27 2015

When solidarity fails

In observations made at a side-meeting of the 87th session of the Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD),[1] the IRR's director warned that Europe's mishandling of the refugee crisis is fuelling racism.


Apr 23 2015

Immigration Act 2014 and the slow dismantling of the NHS

A group of activists are creatively protesting against the effects of the Immigration Act 2014 on migrants' access to NHS services.


Jan 29 2015

Campaign against ‘Immigration Street’

A national campaign has been launched against a new Channel 4 series, Immigration Street.


Jul 21 2011

Swiss campaign against double punishment

An interview with Heiner Busch, a migrants' rights activist, who works in the secretariat of Solidarité sans Frontières (SoSF) in Berne and is engaged in the 'Double no' (2xNo) campaign.


Apr 6 2011

Germany: Campaign to overturn headscarf bans launched

The Berlin organisation ReachOut has launched a campaign to rescind the 2003 Law on Neutrality that opened the way for the German states (Länder) to ban the headscarf.


Mar 3 2011

Voices against Islamophobia

The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) publishes this week two timely reports on the nature, impact and campaigns against Islamophobia across Europe.


Feb 11 2011

LSE’s provocative German Symposium under attack

We reprint an open letter signed by over one hundred UK-based German students and academics critical of the format of the 'LSE German Symposium 2011 - Integration Debate' - in particular the invitation extended to Thilo Sarrazin and Henryk Broder.


Jan 20 2011

Oury Jalloh International Independent Commission

We publish below the founding statement of the Oury Jalloh International Independent Commission, a body of human rights lawyers set up in December 2010 to monitor the re-trial of a police officer involved in the death in custody of Oury Jalloh, which is set to last several months.


Jan 13 2011

‘Short tales of the Hijab’

A forthcoming documentary that explores the lives of Muslim women who wear the hijab is a must-see film, full of surprises.


Dec 1 2010

Swiss architects challenge Islamophobia

The IRR News Service met up with three members of Foreign Architects Switzerland (FAS) who are challenging the Swiss ban on minarets.[1]


Oct 7 2010

Domestic workers campaign for recognition and protection

IRR News reports on a recent meeting to organise migrant domestic workers.